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Happiness is infectious as you say.We have a stray cat that has discovered us - we call her Time Share. She wanders in through the cat flap, gets some food and a cuddle, purrs a bit, maybe has a sleep. The kids and me like to see her and she likes to see us. So doing good for the stray cat does us good and happiness is shared.

Good luck with the update of your book and hope it is enjoyed and does good.


Mike Barnato

Thanks for that, Mike. Some would say (me included) that happiness is cuddling a cat....! It's strange, but I keep just pipping certain publications to the post. If I blog on the inner voice, you can bet your bottom dollar that the other lot does so within two weeks! I wrote this, what three weeks ago? And today their headline is 'Catch the Happiness Virus'! Good job I'm not a conspiracy theorist.....! Keep the faith with Time Share - she's in your life for a reason, so let her do her work and give him a cuddle from me :-)

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