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Funny, I've been thinking along the same lines recently; must have a go at meditation. I tend to be more buzzy than busy, which is an unproductive and ultimately fairly wasteful way of being...

It reminded me of the song 'I'm busy doing nothing..' But I think that you're doing yourself a disservice, Dru :-)

Hi Jane, we are usually defined by society by our actions. Some one who writes....is a writer, for example. A perverse logic therefore guides us to think that the more we do, the better we will be; the more books I write, the greater the writer I will be considered. Of course, upon even the briefest of reflection, we know this not true, and yet we still found ourselves rushing around trying to achieve more.
Motivation speakers and writers sometimes use the wordplay phrase that we are 'human beings, not human doings' for good reason, to make a point. We may be defined with a label for what we do, but it is not the doing that makes 'us' what we are. It is suggested that only by taking the time to 'be' rather than 'do' that we can be who and what we truly are.
I would write more about this, but I'm too busy right now...:) so much to be..rather than so much to do!


Thanks again, Steve for taking the time to write when you're so busy! Time just does seem to be the enemy and yet we all know that time is relative. Maybe we make time for the things which are important to us and ignore the rest - I know I do. It's just that importance is relative too... I'm hoping that i won't be too busy to blog again by the end of the month.

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