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A very good question Jane and I suspect there are many answers. I think for some people it's their own mini-newspaper online, for others a place to rant, for some to capture a stream of thoughts and for a few, pure vanity. In fact, maybe for some of us it's a bit of each.
For you I see it as part of your 'franchise'; the Jane Wharam brand; writer, thinker, inspirer and so on.
Keep blogging is what I say!

Thanks, Dan. As a fellow blogger, you understand the process and isn't getting feedback great?

I think my reasons are pretty similar to yours, Jane; and it's quite empowering to feel that I have a voice, however quiet that voice is, especially when I find that people about whom I have blogged have read what I've written.

As I said to Dan, it's great getting feedback, Dru, so thanks. It can be a solitary business, this writing, but blogs do open up some interesting dialogues and I've made some good friends out of musing to the ether!

I found this a very interesting piece.I guess that blogs offer a platform, promotion or positioning. Yours is distinctive because it is so personal.

My own blog is about applying ideas from sports, popular culture and philosophy to business.So it's particularly interesting when they overlap. For example, when you commented on my post on leadership, using your own work on emotional intelligence.

Yes, it is good when our work overlaps, Mike. And it shows that other people do read our blogs!

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