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What a brilliant, thoughtful post Jane. I shall certainly be raising a glass to you this NYE!

Thank you, my lovely, and I to you two xx

& a happy & wonderfully adventurous 2010 to you too Jane.

Here comes the pretentious BS....

Our eyes are the windows to our souls and my Bible tells me "I will find if I keep on (looking) seeking". So don't stop seeking.

My Bible also says "keep on asking and it will be revealed to you". Someone far wiser than me, (I think it might have been Morpheus or the Oracle from the MATRIX), once said "the issue is not what is the answer but rather what is the question". I say choose carefully who you speak with when revealing your heart's desires. So don't stop asking Jane but who will give you the absolute truth?

I agree that even on our own we are never alone. I disagree it's only ourselves we are left with in those moments. The answer is out there and very, very close.


Thank you for taking the time to reply, Patrice. Your comments are always thoughtful and interesting. I will never stop looking, as there is so much 'out there' (or in there in my opinion). I am also about to disagree with what I wrote and agree with you when you say that we're not just left with ourself when we're 'alone'; however I know that our views are different on what or who is with us all the time. But, as Jesus said, 'In my Father's house are many mansions', which I take to mean that there is room for more than one path to lead to God, the Creator or All That Is. Our constant companions are not that different; we just call them different things.

Hey Jane. I didn't mean to make you go back on what you said but I'm glad you agree it's more than just about us and what's inside or comes from inside us. Jesus also once said "Nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him unclean....what comes out of man is what makes him unclean...For from within, out of men's hearts come evil thoughts, sexual imorality, theft, murder...." Mark 7: 14-23. Feelings, emotions, and even conscience can be manipulated by the desires of our hearts, which by nature are selfish/self centered.

When Jesus spoke of the many rooms in his father's house, John 14:2, you're right that he was refering to the inclsuive nature of God's salvation plan for humanity. However, just before that he also says "trust in God; trust also in me". Jesus Then goes on to say, John 16:6 "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to father except through me", which is pretty specific. So although there are many rooms in the father's house, there is only one way to get there according to Jesus.
We should talk over a coffee soon. P

Hi Jane, Happy Lunar New Year! According to the Chinese zodiac this is the year of the tiger and according to Chinese custom, on New Year's Day it is beneficial to celebrate, to be happy, to have smiling faces, and to refrain from scowling, quarrelling, or criticizing anyone.

To my mind, that sounds like a very laudable aim for any day of the year! :-)

I hope that you have a good year of the tiger!

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