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Hi, Jane. I'm one of your Twitter followers (Tonguefu69).

You have a gorgeous view of life! More than anything, that's what I've taken from this post. It's inspiring and loaded with principles I try to live by each day. Principles (shown in action via your daily life) I recommend to everyone. You offer more proof that they're solid principles to live by...that do change the lives they become a part of.

I especially love the part about living in every moment of every action. That idea alone -- once truly understood and applied -- can change a life in extraordinarily powerful ways. It was wonderful to read those words...written by someone who clearly understands their meaning. Thanks, Jane. Keep up the good bit of living!

Thanks, Michael. I try very hard to practise what I preach - I don't always succeed, of course! If you go onto Amazon and look me up you should see that my book 'Emotional Intelligence: Journey to the Centre of Yourself', out in July, hopes to help with the tricky subject of attaining 'balance' in one's life. In fact, Balance is the title of the next blog! Barnes & Noble have picked it up, so you should be able to buy a copy at your local bookstore and, if not, you can pre-order on Amazon.


I'll definitely read -- and comment on -- your next blog entry, Jane. Attaining balance in one's life is a subject I find fascinating, and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts about it.

I'll purchase a copy of your book, as well! (I'll order it through Amazon in July, or get off my bum and pre-order a copy before then.) I love to read books, take detailed notes from them, and hone 'n' refine my knowledge of their subjects. Your book will receive the same joyful treatment, and I look forward to your insights concerning emotional intelligence (and their all-important application to our lives).
I'm a stickler for doing and applying! We can "learn" all we want, but if we don't use and apply our knowledge, the bulk of our "learning" is wasted. (I like to say that we must be the Coach and the Athlete...the Technique and the Practice of It.)

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